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Summary of Services

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A-List SociAl EntertAinment


Basic Info:

• Fully Professional organized, digital karaoke/DJ setup

• Professional DJ case, table, façade, & party lights.

• Responsible, dynamic, fun host with over a decade of local hosting & live sound mixing experience.

• Open format music & video format (unless otherwise specified)



Social Media & Promotion:

• Large & growing social media following for Karaoke services in Los Angeles area: FB, IG, Twitter, Tik Tok, Tumblr, Pinterest, & nascent YouTube channel featuring videos from shows, exclusive karaoke & music videos.

• Social media advertisements shared in up to 120 FB groups. This promotes both the event and the venue. Plus additional paid social media ads.

• Eye-catching, artfully designed online and print posters.

• Updated & maintained website:

• Professional vinyl outside banner(s) promoting karaoke or DJ event 

• Print adverts may be provided for the venue & flyers for the adjacent area.

• Event Photos & Videos.


Karaoke & Video:

• Possibly the largest actual karaoke catalog around as well as well over 500,000 downloadable online songs available. Songs needed are purchased & downloaded onsite.

• Up-to-date karaoke music, including most current Billboard Top 100 hits & other newly release songs. All genres.

• Thousands of foreign-language karaoke including Spanish, French, German, Italian, & more.

• Continually updated online songbook [currently at login "Alton"] to be replaced soon by a better, more easily navigated online songbook.

• Updated Downloadable PDF songbook for browsing.

• Coming soon: re-printed replacement songbooks. 

• Huge VDJ music video collection (over 35,000), from the 1930’s to today. All genres.


Provided Equipment:

• Behringer Xenyx x1222fx 12 input professional sound mixer with onboard fx, 6 mic inputs, mic compression, 9-band equalizer, tap function, and more.

• Up to four programmable true diversity digital wireless microphones, 100’ [line of site] range. (6 wired mics also available, if needed)

• Up to two iron based pro microphone stand(s)

• Several video monitors, 22” & up (if needed), with iron floor stand or clamp arm mounts.

• Digital video projectors (if needed) and projector screen options.

• Two full-sized Harbinger powered DJ/P.A. speakers

• Two Mid-sized Alto TX210 powered speakers

• Speaker stands (if needed)

• Two 8” DJ/P.A. Alto TX8 powered speakers used as monitors, fills, and/or main speakers in smaller rooms (if needed)

• Separate 4G internet connection (if needed)

• Professional, designed song slips – note: all used, returned slips are recycled

• Fun props, including inflatable guitars, tambourines, hats, and more (if the space is available)

• All cables, splitters, converters, & connectors. HDMI, XLR, RCA, etc (as needed)

• floor mats, caution tape, & gaffers tape (as needed)


Current Venues:

• Tiki No, North Hollywood, Sun & Wed, 9pm.

4657 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, 91602.

Nov 2013-current

• Power House, Hollywood, Tue-Sat, 9pm

(Currently closed due to COVID-19 shutdown).

1714 n. Highland Ave, Hollywood. May 2016-Mar 2020

Karaoke and Video DJ


Past Venues (*regular host, **regular fill-in, ***short term fill-in, ****sound mixer, *****DJ)

*Latitude 34 (formerly SideBar) Feb 2016-Nov-2018

*Johnny O’Brian (currently Elevation) Van Nuys, Dec 2015-May 2016

*The Good Nite, North Hollywood, Oct 2011-Jan 2013-Dec May 2015-Jan 2016

**The Barrel (previous owner), Van Nuys, Jan-2013-Aug 2015

**Springbok Bar & Grill, Van Nuys, Jan-2013-Jan 2014

***Witches Brew, Van Nuys, 2 dates, 2015

***Casting Office Bar & Grill (closed), Studio City,2012

***Sheddy’s Pub (closed), Mid-Wilshire, 2 dates 2013

****Off Kilt Tavern (closed), Sherman Oaks, 2009

*****American Legion Post 520, Sun Valley various 2021

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